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Launch A New Product With These Digital Strategy Tips
By aaa - Jun 06 2022
  • To stay trending and have a strong social media presence is a dream of all companies, be it a startup or a well-established organisation. It needs creative minds as well as knowledge of the industry’s emerging business dynamics.

    Here are a few media trend predictions

    1. Vernacular content taking a supreme place for Indian Users

    The increased penetration of the internet and smartphones, also in rural areas, has increased the consumption of technology in vernacular languages. Furthermore, Google reports that nine out of every ten new internet users in the world are currently accessing web content in Indian languages. Vernacular content is a smart decision for any brand in order to attract and engage with its target audience. In India, the market demand for vernacular content is estimated to be $53 billion and is expected to increase even more in 2021. A few media planning and media buying agencies in Mumbai have begun to work on vernacular content and are attempting to extend businesses into rural areas as well.

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